Beyond the Self with Africa Brooke

#011 - Why you might be having an identity crisis

September 17, 2021 Africa Brooke
Beyond the Self with Africa Brooke
#011 - Why you might be having an identity crisis
Show Notes

Who am I? What do I believe in? What do I want to do? Do I even agree with this anymore? Those are just a few of the common questions that pull at us when we're questioning our identity and the roles we play in the world.

In this gem-filled episode we'll be exploring what identity is, what an identity CRISIS is, how it presents itself in your life, why I believe we're ALL experiencing it as a collective, how you can identify whether this is something you're actually going through- and what you can do about it.

This one was F**KING GOOD!

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: I do not give advice in DM's, emails, or comments, but I'd love to hear your feedback and know what your lightbulb moments or breakthroughs were!

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