Lean With Plants

5 Little-Known Consistency Killers & How to Beat Them

January 25, 2023 Chelsea Mae Cullen Episode 116
Lean With Plants
5 Little-Known Consistency Killers & How to Beat Them
Show Notes

In this podcast, I'll be sharing with you how systems and environment can change our behavior, and why even when we want it most, we still can’t seem to change!

I'll be discussing 5 subtle changes in our systems that can greatly affect our behavior and prevent consistency, and sharing tips and strategies on how to combat these changes in order to develop unshakeable default behaviors that lead to long-term habit change, and ultimately, weight loss!!

We’re constantly being pulled towards the path of least resistance and actively in battle with our current habits and environment. I'll be sharing my own struggles and what I have learned on how to create good habits, combat current ones, and understand the influences that affect them.

Knowledge is power, so it’s vital we understand WHY we fail before creating strategies that ACTUALLY work.

If we want long term change, we’ve got to create systems that are easy, obvious, attractive, and satisfying, so we can actually stick to them! Join me on this journey as we uncover the hidden roadblocks that prevent consistency and learn how to overcome them.

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