My Leap Of Faith


February 26, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 1 Episode 52
My Leap Of Faith
Show Notes

Has two Meanings
Forget Everything and Run
Face Everything and Rise!

We all have those moments of “will I run in FEAR or will I look deeper into why I want to run”?

This entire past year for me has been an exercise in meeting these moments head on. There have been so many times that I just wasn’t ready to Face Everything and Rise, but there have also been those times I was, and what I learned is the biggest Leaps of growth are offered to us in these very significant moments.

The question is, can we slow down enough and not mindlessly engage our fight or flight response?  

If we can, I now have learned “the fear”was all an illusion away. The illusion is there to test us to see if we are going to continue to give it power over our choices. And if we are, Spirit says....ok, they are not ready to evolve/grow into the next step of their life.

And then....that same fear keeps coming up and repeating until we are ready to go directly into it and through it!

It’s time to Face Everything and Rise my friends, we don’t have time for running anymore. ❤️

Also, I had a great conversation with Lucia and Lorena on The Soul Tribe Podcast this week, check it out on Monday:
The Soul Tribe Podcast


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