My Leap Of Faith

Feeling the L❤️VE with Wachuma (San Pedro) 🌵

April 09, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 58
My Leap Of Faith
Feeling the L❤️VE with Wachuma (San Pedro) 🌵
Show Notes

In this episode I'm sharing the love that can happen in your heart when you open yourself to Wachuma.  All of your walls disintegrate and you're able to see all as they truly are (people, animals, plants and Mother Earth).

I'm sending you all of the love in my heart through this episode.

5 Laws of Creation
1. I Am
2. All Is One, One Is All
3. What I Give, I Get Back In Return
4. Time and Space Do Not Exist, But The Experience Of Them Is Real
5. Everything Changes Constantly, Except For The First 4 Laws

Hapé : Four Visions Market
I've worked with the following blends
Feminine Force
Vine of the Soul Yagé
Cacao Nunu
Queen of the Forest
Nukini Patika Visionary

Sananga: Four Visions Market
Munay Cura (Gentle Strength)
Nukini (Medium Strength)

Ayahuasca/Wachuma Retreat:
Women's Only Ayahuasca Retreat - July 24th - 28th, 2021

Aya Music
My Leap Of Faith - Ayahuasca Music

I have a Vision...
Of Free Community, Friendship & Collaboration.

A place where we all can exist in a safe container of light.

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