My Leap Of Faith

What's In A Name?

April 16, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 59
My Leap Of Faith
What's In A Name?
Show Notes

I changed my name from Gabriel to Gabrielle when I was 18 years old (mainly because I felt it was a boys name).  This past year I started to doubt that decisions because when I got my first Akashic Records reading I was told that I chose the masculine form of the name as I needed that vibration in this life.  (this made sense as I did not have a stable father figure in my childhood)

That's when the doubt came in...  I wondered if I was supposed to change it back to have the more male vibration.

Well this week I got my answer! 

It turned out the original spelling of my name carried the Expression #
3 (happiness, enthusiasm and inspiring other to feel the same)
and by adding the LE it changed the vibration to:
11 (intuition, inspiration, progressive thinker and visionary).

I see myself in both of these numbers as I also carry the 3 vibration in my (Life Path and Soul Urge numbers), but I now know adding that LE brought me closer to my spiritual gifts!

Check out your Numbers:

Should you change your name?

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