My Leap Of Faith

Diamond Light Matrix (Activation!)

April 30, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 61
My Leap Of Faith
Diamond Light Matrix (Activation!)
Show Notes

I finally got the download on how to activate the Diamond Light Matrix in this community!!!

If you've been following my awakening journey, you know I started seeing the "Matrix" on Oct 16th, 2020.  I knew from the beginning it was to encompass ALL of our energies.

Then a few months later I realized it was to use that energy to create the new "Ley Lines" for the dimensional shift. 

But I didn't know how we would be doing it....  So I've meditated on it day after day... and I even tried to bring it to Mother Ayahuasca.  But....  nothing.

I now know it wasn't time.... 

This is the first step in the Diamond Light Matrix Activation.

I have a Vision...
Of Free Community, Friendship & Collaboration.

A place where we all can exist in a safe container of light.

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