My Leap Of Faith

Spiritual Tough LOVE ❤️

May 07, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 62
My Leap Of Faith
Spiritual Tough LOVE ❤️
Show Notes

This has been a week of Ups and Downs and realizing that even though we are all Spiritual Beings, we all have different frequencies/vibrations.  So even when we "think" we have found a spiritual match to learn from... that may not be the case.  It always comes back to feeling what people bring up in our bodies and feeling into what feels good.  Like = Like

Below are the sites to the people mentioned in this episode:

Fundación Arsayian YouTube - Matias De Stefano (Meaning of Matter/Matrix) - Welcome to the Axis of the World!  "Recognize we are beings YOSOY" - Matias De Stefano (Matrix - May 6th, 2021)
Gaia - Initiation with Matias De Stefano

The Soul Tribe Podcast - Akashic Records Readings or Learn how to Read your OWN Records

The Soul Awakening Podcast (with Kat Fowler) - Interview with Sandra Walter

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