My Leap Of Faith

Reflections From An EARTHSEED

June 04, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 66
My Leap Of Faith
Reflections From An EARTHSEED
Show Notes

With the help of a REFLECTION, I was able to SEE what was coming up for me to work on with Mother Ayahuasca.  
There was a part of me who wanted to be defensive, but (the next day) I got a message that “Refections” are like the fruit in the game Ms Pac-Man.  To get them you have to leave the “safe zone”, but the rewards are great and help you to evolve to the next level.

Our job is to grow through and within the Refections, as they are the messages from SOURCE to push you out of your “normal” way of thinking.

By really hearing this message I was able to connect my PERSONALITY and HIGHER SOUL into this one vessel and understand why there is nothing outside of me…. 

It is you, it has always been you, guiding you the whole time!

I have a Vision...
Of Free Community, Friendship & Collaboration.

A place where we all can exist in a safe container of light.

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