My Leap Of Faith

The Gift of Timelessness

July 02, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 70
My Leap Of Faith
The Gift of Timelessness
Show Notes

Stand Courageous, Anxious Hearts
Against Energies Unknown
Contemplate it and Observe
The Ethers you've been Shown

Stagnant from Fears of Future,
Imbued by Traumas of years' past..
Timelines Continue Blending
While Lonely Presence Grows Contrast.

Realign and Move Inward,
Unclasp your Stubborn Foothold.
Then take a Grand Leap Forward,
Allowing Fated to Unfold.

We Are Safe and All Is Well,
Surrendering Faithfully
Turning Shadows into Gifts
We Integrate Gracefully.

Live Here.  Love Now. Take Action.
Co-Create and Inspire.
Let Common Grounding Guide Our Way
And Cultivate our Desires.

This is Us - Our Radiance
Most Authentic Expression.
Showing Every Aspect of
Our Perfect Imperfections.

As Above, So Below
To the Fires of the South
Embers Fueled by Love and Joy
Releasing Fear and Doubt.

As Below, So Above
Hearts Healed and Restored.
So Grateful for our Life Force
Now and Evermore.

- Mina Martinovich
The Rhythmic - 5th Gene Key

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