My Leap Of Faith

Decalcify Your Pineal Gland (Sonic Slider)

August 13, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 76
My Leap Of Faith
Decalcify Your Pineal Gland (Sonic Slider)
Show Notes

I had a dream there was a “tool” to decalcify the Pineal Gland…. The dream was so vivid and clear as I felt the crunching of mine being cleared, so much so when I woke up I tried to find this “tool”, but in all of my searching I could not.

About a month later, a friend of mine introduced me to the @sonicslider and my interest was peaked…. But I had no idea this would end up being the tool of my dream.

This weighted tuning fork holds the frequency of 93.96Hz (the 12th harmonic of the Schumann Resonance) and along with all of the health benefits users report (weight loss, improved muscle tone, healthier complexion, pain reduction, improved digestion and increased energy) when I held it up to my 3rd Eye, it replicated the feeling I had in my dream, the feeling of the vibration clearing out my Pineal Gland!

I’m so excited to share this tool and @eileenmckusick with you all!

IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)

IONS - Do Psychic Abilities Run in Families?

IONS - Get Involved in the Research!
(Advancing the Genetics of Psychic Ability Research)

IONS - Sonic Slider and Bone Density

Sonic Slider Info
Sonic Slider - Instructional Videos

The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork - $75
The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork & Circuit Boot - $129
The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork & Handle Extender - $109

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