My Leap Of Faith

Sacred Sites (Apu's)

September 03, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 79
My Leap Of Faith
Sacred Sites (Apu's)
Show Notes

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona taught me the importance of calling in the Apu’s that are here to support us on this journey of awakening.  

When you connect with the Sacred Lands here on Pachamama they are working with you and sharing their energy with you.  When you consciously call in your Apus, you call in their energy to help you hold space, to be your guides, to be your support and to bring you the wisdom they hold.

Link to Sacred Sites (Apu's) Lesson

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Glitter Mountain, AZ

The Wave

Best Friends Animal Society

Navajo Ghost Seeds

Monument Valley

Petrified Forest National Park

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