My Leap Of Faith


October 08, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 84
My Leap Of Faith
Show Notes

Find your center.

This whole journey needs to start at the center of YOUR creation. 

You have to allow YOURSELF to go to the place of knowing nothing to be able to be rebuilt with the souls guidance into YOUR REAL LIGHT.

The problems begin in the mind. 

The minds strives to get to the bottom of everything before it’s really ready to comprehend what’s happening.

This new state of being can not be birthed in the mind, the mind has no jurisdiction in the lands of YOUR cosmic connection.

It can be scary, you may feel like you lose yourself in it… because in this 3D reality you do. 

When we expand we are breaking through the gates that surround our beings and our heart. 

Into the unknown we go… and that can feel overwhelming and at times terrifying.

But understand this, it would not be happening if you weren’t ready for it.

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