My Leap Of Faith

Riding the Eclipse Energy

October 29, 2021 Gabrielle Ginter Season 2 Episode 87
My Leap Of Faith
Riding the Eclipse Energy
Show Notes

We’re heading into Eclipse Season, do you know how to ride the energy portals and what they’re here to help you with?

In this episode I share my experiences with the Sagittarius Eclipses that started in June 2020 and end on my Solar Return at the exact degree of my Sun Sign (12 degrees of Sag).

Big energies are coming, get prepared!

Your Guide to Lunar and Solar Eclipses in 2021

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Debbie Solaris

2021 Eclipses:
May 26, 2021 - Sag Total Lunar Eclipse @ 5 degrees of Sag (7:14am EDT)
June 10, 2021 - Gemini Solar Eclipse @ 20 degrees of Gemini (6:53an EDT)
Nov 19,  2021 - Taurus Lunar Eclipse @ 27 degrees of Taurus (3:57am EDT)
Dec 4, 2021 - Sag Total Solar Eclipse @ 12 degrees of Sag (2:44am EDT)

2022 Eclipses:
April 30, 2022 - Taurus Partial Solar Eclipse @ 11 degrees of Taurus (4:42pm EDT)
May 16, 2022 - Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse @ 25 degrees of Scorpio (12:12am EDT)
Oct 25, 2022 - Scorpio Partial Solar Eclipse @ 2 degrees of Scorpio (7:01am EDT)
Nov 8, 2022 - Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse @ 16 degrees of Taurus (6:00am EDT)

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