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EX 403 Climate Change and Multilateralism (ft. Prof Navroz K Dubash & Dr. Dhanashree Jayaram)

August 23, 2020 thebridgeproject
The Bridge Project
EX 403 Climate Change and Multilateralism (ft. Prof Navroz K Dubash & Dr. Dhanashree Jayaram)
Show Notes

Episode 3: Climate Change & Multilateralism

In the COP 25 Summit, consensus emerged that sustainable economic growth cannot exist without a healthy environment and our encroachment upon the environment, erodes our ability to grow. This is a significant debate in the world of economics which concerns itself with boosting levels of productivity by reducing costs and minimizing wastages. At a time when unilateralism and populism are rising around the globe, the fact that the nations of the world need to and can come together to cope with climate change proves that multilateralism remains a trend of the times.

In the third episode of The Bridge Project Exclusives in collaboration with Kubernein Initiative, we talk about Climate Change & Multilateralism. We are joined by Navroz K Dubash, Professor at The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) who works on climate change policy and governance, the political economy of energy and water, and the regulatory state in the developing world and Dr Dhanasree Jayaram, Professor, Department of Geopolitics & Co-Coordinator at the Centre for Climate Studies in Manipal Academy of Higher Education. You can follow them on Twitter @NavrozDubash & @dhanasreej

In this episode we discuss with Prof Dubash & Dr Jayaram about India’s role in the climate debate, need for a multilateral response, climate financing and climate politics.

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The Bridge Project (2020), "Climate Change and Multilateralism", Exclusives in Collaboration with Kubernein Initiative (4.3), 23 Aug 2020, URL:

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