Portugal - The Simple Life

Garrett McNamara's Biggest Wave

October 25, 2021 Portugal Realty Season 1 Episode 80
Portugal - The Simple Life
Garrett McNamara's Biggest Wave
Show Notes

"Portugal - The simple life”, an insider's perspective to Portugal.    

This week, Dylan is joined by the legendary Garrett McNamara. The big wave surfer thrust Nazare into prominence in 2011 when he broke the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed. You can currently learn more about this story on HBO’s hit documentary ‘100 Foot Wave’. Dylan and Garrett discuss, amongst other things, how he ended up in Nazare, some of his frustrations with his home town, his love affair with Portugal and why he chooses to live here permanently with his family. 

We already know about Portugal’s amazing weather, food and people. In this podcast, we go deeper and meet the real people who make this country so wonderful. 

Dylan, who has made his life in Portugal shares an insiders perspective into what makes Portugal the unique, beautiful and amazing country that it is. Join him and his guests every week as they shed some light on the incredible people, culture, history and lifestyle that makes Portugal so appealing. A country where everyone feels like they belong. 

This podcast is sponsored by Portugal Realty, welcome to the simple life!

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