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Dr. Gillian Mandich: Tips for being Happy and Healthy in Difficult Times

April 28, 2020 Miguel Global Season 1 Episode 6
Be Mspired Podcast
Dr. Gillian Mandich: Tips for being Happy and Healthy in Difficult Times
Show Notes

Dr. Mandich has a PhD from Western University in Health Science, specializing in Health Promotion and her primary areas of research are happiness and health. Her work combines the latest research and practical wisdom with an engaging style to help people live happier, healthier lives.

Dr. Mandich is passionate about research. She is the founder of The International Happiness Institute of Health Science Research and is a part of the Meant2Prevent research team at SickKids. She appears regularly in the media on shows such as The Social, Marilyn Denis, Breakfast Television, The Morning Show, and CBC; is a graduate Student Innovation Scholar Program at the Richard Ivey School of Business Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship and World Discoveries; the co-lead investigator of The Canadian Happiness At Work Study; and has given two TEDx talks: “The Surprising Truth About Happiness” at TEDx Yorkville, and “The Two Things You Need To Know To Be Happier Today” at TEDx Windsor.

In this episode, Dr. Mandichoffers insight on the following questions

1. Do you know really makes you happy?
2. What are your triggers to prevent poor mental health?
3. How relevant is the Mental Health discussion?
4. What is the difference between physical distancing and social distancing?
5. How important is it to be and feel connected?

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