Quarantine is getting the best of us!

April 04, 2020 SOCIAL ADVICE PODCAST Season 3 Episode 5
Quarantine is getting the best of us!
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Rock and Coach T. talk about quarantine and how they have made the best of working from home as well as family life, grooming and more. 

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I am Coach Darren. Corporate Bay. You girl t money

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right now that we've gotten that out of the way.

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Way! Go thistles! Why don't come on his show? This is why I always declined to be on the Social of Ice part case because he treats me like a step child.

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But I love you so much. Okay, so

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this is all for the cameras.

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No, No. Now. So we have been quarantined. I've been quarantined for about three weeks.

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I don't know how long it's been thistles. My official first week. Of what quarantine? Is that what it's called Quarantine? Because for the first police ladies I know.

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Look at the camera. You're looking at the screen.

spk_0:   2:08
Sorry, ladies I know is trifle it. I'm going to soak them off. Today I have four nails left. All of these broke off at my room now is broken down. So that

spk_1:   2:17
s so let's tell them How long have we been talking about?

spk_0:   2:20
But nobody asks you that. My thing is I was cooking. I was workin and I was taking care of the house. I didn't feel like so get my nails off. Yes, I went up with acid tone, but I want to do it today. Want to soak my nails off today because it hurts. Your nail breaks. It hurts. So this nail her this nail her all these nails hurts. Almost took him off. But anyway, um, you see, how long have you been? Even if warranting any for, like, three weeks? Almost.

spk_1:   2:46
It's been,

spk_0:   2:47
I believe in my official currency. Started fright less Friday.

spk_1:   2:51
So how's it has it working for you? How's that going?

spk_0:   2:54
It's an adjustment. So before I was working, So when and when I say working out, literally leaving out the house every day and going to work and working all day and then coming home, so it felt normal. The only difference was that the kids weren't in school, but you were home with the Children, so it got a balanced out. Where was like, Hey, I'm getting up. Morning. I'm getting dropped. I have something in my makeup blind. I went into the office. Yes, I was dressing casual, but once in the office, working and then coming home, doing dinner and that kind of thing. So it was normal. Come Friday, it was weak up. Showered, no makeup put on house close. Who know about house close? I ordered so much stuff from Amazon, but I ordered house close. I got a whole bunch of cute little outfits I'm gonna take you. I'm opposed to some way on Facebook and show you all these outfits. And they was sheep too, honey, but you'll be in the house looking like a bum.

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So but the question the problem, that's the problem I had was that you didn't tell Tobias. Use order in house for

spk_0:   4:00
the whole thing is you gotta think about yourself doing this.

spk_1:   4:06
Quarantine is about your so

spk_0:   4:08
no, it's not. It's about your family and your loved ones. But I couldn't be in the house looking like a boat because I'm the person who, if I'm in a house, I'm simply going to look like above. I'm having on the old raggedy T shirts of oh shores or some old pants on where I was like, You know what? I don't want to look like a bum doing corn. See right. I might not be my makeup every

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day. You've done so many videos not looking like this.

spk_0:   4:33
And That's because of corn scene. And it was against my will. You're so just so you got out. But, um, so then Friday, it was to get up. And I am one. I know everybody doesn't do this, but I get up still early, take a shower, brush my teeth, put on fresh house clothes, cute socks and go downstairs and work. I'm that person

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and never moved all day.

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I take breaks every now and then, huh? Little breaks being better. I'm getting getting better. So you might have made efforts. You might roll out the big brushes Eve jingle work, or you might not even get out to be the work. But my work space has to be separate from my living space. Like my home. As far as like, you know, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom. So I have down in the basement, we actually share office space, and that is something in itself. But what about that? A little bit.

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Okay, so me quarantine is like So I spent the 1st 2 weeks quarantine with just me much your son's aided and Ashton, 12 and seven. He just turned eight,

spk_0:   5:38
and you literally did not work in your office. You worked in like deliver Roman and I

spk_1:   5:43
worked in the liver. But your creative side created so like I need, like the depend on what I'm doing. I need different really way. Oh, right It is today. So depend on what I'm working on. I need different spaces. Sometimes I need somebody in office. There's no sunlight.

spk_0:   6:04
It's in the basement like but our basement is no way, no window like the windows

spk_1:   6:13
windows in your basement.

spk_0:   6:15
I mean, you're not on our recording, so you should, like, be quiet.

spk_1:   6:21
So the window in the basement is in the bathroom and that at the back, in the back office. So in our office, there is no window eso It's a

spk_0:   6:31
esten video quartz. He's getting to you. You okay? Corn saying Israel guys corns, They will have you yelling. Okay,

spk_1:   6:49
I'm bags even

spk_0:   6:50
better because you had an out of body experience, just like

spk_1:   6:56
in our fight with whether or not I should like post this on the book is

spk_0:   6:59
what is real Life

spk_1:   7:00
is the quarantine edition

spk_0:   7:02
is listen Israel life like he just kept talking like it would not stop talking. Not in the the blackest, like, be quiet. So? So if you have those moments, have that moment

spk_1:   7:15
and get a work. All right,

spk_0:   7:16
so and then you owe him an apology.

spk_1:   7:18
I'm sorry for yelling, Ashton. There we go. Oh, no knuckles in them back

spk_0:   7:23
because you upset him. Anyway, He's a little person, too. All right, move on.

spk_1:   7:31
All right, so, um, this is real life. I guess so. Yeah. As a creative Any different spaces on the sun long on. Liam uses more, honey. Any music only. Like any inspiration. Because if I don't have another inspiration No, no, no, you're not,

spk_0:   7:52
um, I I want you to do a lot of things.

spk_1:   7:56
You are. You're a major inspiration. I'm just playing with, uh All right, So So So we wanted to come on and update you guys. Or how we were doing with quarantine. I guess you can tell by the things were saying and things we show up someday. Quarantine is rough because you're not leaving the house like we've been trying to get out every day.

spk_0:   8:18
You're like going forward. But let me tell you how this do had me go for walk. Was it What was it? Thursday? Because they always nice outside. I am walking outside freezing and he wants to keep going. And because on the good wife, I'm a kind wife. I want to do the family thing. I keep walking like a dummy and I am freezing. So my ears start ringing. I saw a feeling like, Oh, my gosh, I'm coming down with something and who don't lie You Who goes the way you saw Felix? Something like, Oh, God, Do I have cove It over is Corona robbers. Is it grown up like, Oh, I got Verona. And then guess what? The very next day, I woke up with a runny nose and a headache. And all of us think it was little. Please let me have cool bit 19. Please don't let me have a ronin. Like every Lord thing, you feel like Oh, God. Is this Sharona? Is this it? Is it? And I'm like, Why did I walk outside with this dude? Talk about is nice outside, But guess what I didn't do Friday. He went for walk by himself.

spk_1:   9:20
So, like it's hard to get 2000 steps in the house, right? And I'm trying to slim down. And so with that being said, I need to

spk_0:   9:27
get down and I'm slimming up

spk_1:   9:29
unease. You will show you the other girl who

spk_0:   9:38
else candidate is like, Don't come back again. Like what do you want now? Just always like turn the gas off like please stop turning me on. I have not cooked this much the whole year of 2090

spk_1:   9:55
remember? So for me, I want to get at least 10,000 steps in every day.

spk_0:   10:00
So you don't know about yourself?

spk_1:   10:02
Yeah, and I'm cool with it because I put my mask

spk_0:   10:10
and I'm glad you put on clothes. Lied to you. Sat wing glows

spk_1:   10:15
in a free show. So this is the thing

spk_0:   10:17
you bring Corona in this house.

spk_1:   10:19
I don't touch anything when I go outside. The only thing that touched things on my shoes

spk_0:   10:23
Semi cough or you what? You What would I be close

spk_1:   10:26
to outside walking? So I just go. Okay. Anyway, so, um, I've been getting these 10,000 steps and

spk_0:   10:35
this will work this mess. This is

spk_1:   10:37
trifling. They can't see on the park. It's like they teach you to go to the Metro Gang YouTube and you'll see the park. It's so I want to give you doing this whole corporate based series

spk_0:   10:50
I am. And it's been rough trying to record the videos because number wine. Oh, we want to put on makeup every day, and I refuse to put out a whole bunch of corporate based off with no eyebrows. Oh, but you're Guess what? Guess my Yeah. Oh, my God. Oh, my gosh. Mmm. Oh, thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. I'm sorry. Your butt heavy. Yeah. Bruce, since, like the knife, grey. And they are common. Oh, thank you, Jonah. Sorry, I had a moment, but, um what were you asking? Oh, corporate day. That has nothing to do with corporate day. You stop my situation, have

spk_1:   11:40
a a connection about

spk_0:   11:44
you're not a woman, so you don't understand.

spk_1:   11:47
I'm familiar with it.

spk_0:   11:49
You don't understand how important how important it is and how rough it is that when you're going through the grow back, I brough process right. It is rough. And so normally I give up and I go tweeze my eyebrows. Why go to the nail salon to getting waxed? But I have no choice but to let them grow back. So when I go, go when I go get these bad boys arched after Corrine. See, May would watch. I'll shoot E because I would be a hot girl.

spk_1:   12:25
What? What is this?

spk_0:   12:27
Put a 9 90,000 shoot me. I'm coming back with the Sorry, I'm a guest on your show. And I was supposed to be talking about corporate Bay. Cooper Bay is not a hacker.

spk_1:   12:47
Wow, that was just, like,

spk_0:   12:49
totally left its core team it like you have to in order for you. Right. Serious moment. In order for you not to go crazy doing corn seeing because mental health Israel. People, we're dealing with depression, isolation, loneliness. Like that's real. So you have to find a way as an outlet. You can't Normally you get off from work. You can go outside and go to a party, go to a club, go to a restaurant, goes to the movies. Right now you're in your house. Except for if you're outside for essential stuff or outside taking a wall. So you have to make you have to have fun. You can't take it so serious. Meaning no. Take Corona serious. Take the Roma take Rhona takeover at 19. Serious, but don't take the moments in your life as faras. I need a moment to relax. I mean, a moment tow laugh. I need a moment to listen to music. I need a moment to sleep in the moments arrest. Yes. I mean the moment to create that in a moment. Whatever that moment is, take that moment and enjoy it Because these moments matter when you go back and look at when we get out of this, how did I get through this?

spk_1:   14:00
Or even, you know, being able to separate work from home? Listen, I'm

spk_0:   14:05
not going in my basement this weekend for anything but to do laundry. And I will be doing laundry like you've never seen it before. I put it in, put in the wash machine wash, go upstairs, put it, put it in, drive like I'm not gonna be in the laundry room because it's where my on my office is down in that same space, right? So I don't want to see that until Monday, because now you like you say it's hard for you to separate work from home because most of us are working at home, and then we pray for those who are not working, lost their jobs. So why you maybe stress that you're working at home with the kids, that not having the day care and all of that stuff be grateful that you are working. You still have income

spk_1:   14:46
for you have the

spk_0:   14:49
I have filed for unemployment like

spk_1:   14:52
March numbers were close to 10,000 if not more.

spk_0:   14:55
It's really out here. And so wow, it's stressful to try to teach your Children because that's a whole nother subject. Trying to be the teacher, be the wife, be the mother, be the worker. The supervisor. It's rough out here and even husband be the husband, be the father, be the cook, be the you know, be the worker bee, the director. It's rough and it gets rough. And you have to take, Let me tell you the other day, what was it? Thursday Thursday night for our eye set on instagram and listen. So what's having a TV? Biddy and D. J. Manny and all of Baltimore was on, and I needed that moment. Just reminisce the songs I was playing. I was in this house on the couch just jamming on Instagram. But it was a moment that helped me be like, You know what? Let me take the pressures and stress off and relax and just have that moment.

spk_1:   15:47
And so with that said, you need your outlets, right? So there's some outlets out there that are currently providing content weekly. Absolutely. I know BTS Tea Service is involved somewhere. They're doing a lot of stuff on Tuesdays and third Thursdays as six on their Facebook. You can actually go and listen to have a conversation with J Democrat who's a licensed clinical social worker. Therapists masters all that stuff and ask your questions and she therapy Eyes is you. Or she gives you know that insight over Facebook life That's Tuesday and Thursday. I know a lot of small businesses out there, which are struggling. They just did something life part cast last Wednesday with Paul Taylor from the Small Business Administration, and they get all these links that if you got a small business, how you can maintain your payroll and all that stuff, and then they sponsoring deejay sessions on Sundays. So which is crazy? So its content like that even D. J. D J D. Nice. Yeah, Like killing it.

spk_0:   16:54
Close call club quarantine.

spk_1:   16:56
Quarantine. I think

spk_0:   16:57
he has something today. So we got the address off. We gotta make up time, right? Dress? We won't dance. A little bit

spk_1:   17:02
of food. We're going Get dressed. We're going to put connect the op ed to the TV. Commit to speak is And we're gonna go to club Corentin A, um if you consider the fact that if you just consider it as I'm just in the house, is that's all it's gonna be. But if you change

spk_0:   17:23
not making an experience, you have to make it an experience. And I know for some people is difficult, right? But you make it an experience like even with the kids involved them in the cooking. Hey, let's make cupcakes. Let's make pancakes. Let's do this with the spouse. Hey, babe, let's We're going on a date night, but it's a date. Night, Ed. Put your blanket on the floor, get some popcorn, get some, get some different stuff. See, he can't put out your by board by the time to warn scene over. He gonna get put out, have a put him out his house way, but no seriously. And not only beat CSC service is there are a lot of even entrepreneurs that are putting together educational stuffs and educate people. Even I've seen some universities offer some free courses. Like, I think there's a

spk_1:   18:10
D. X is doing a lot

spk_0:   18:12
at night. Kahn actually is a free photography class that's going on, right? So how to say, like this is And I don't want people to get mixed up right? Because I saw a lot of Post on Instagram to say, If you don't come out of this quarantine with the new business a book, this is my thing is this

spk_1:   18:27
everybody and

spk_0:   18:28
everybody is different in at a different stage of life. Don't feel forced to build something or start something will create something you know, in this season, if this is a season of rest, for you, rest. If this is a season up, I need to just get through this. Get through this. If this is the season of I am wanna create, this is the moment I need It didn't do that. But everybody is different for everybody. If there is no blanket, there was no there is no blanket. I can't put this blanket and say, If you won't create, you met Who's to say that I

spk_1:   18:57
want to own a business? Who's to say that I wanna like some people might have behaving like a whole bunch of anxiety

spk_0:   19:04
way messages. Just stop way Had girls check for River Bird Church, right? And I told her I was talking to the ladies and one of the system was like, I needed this. I rip and run so much that people are like, I have to remember that when this is over, I have to go back to that. So let me not get too comfortable. But she is a joy in this moment of rest. And if you're arresting, don't feel pressured not to rest. Enjoy the rest.

spk_1:   19:31
That because some people, even in this, are not getting any rest. Some people in this

spk_0:   19:35
and I talk to, you know,

spk_1:   19:38
talk to some people who said that they worked there, have been working harder at home. Then they have one in the office and it's given them. Anxiety is giving them

spk_0:   19:50
cause you feel. And this is a corporate bay moment, right? Cause you feel that you have to prove yourself in this in this. And let me explain it to you. No one can see you. Most times you might not have much directive and you're feeling like I have to prove myself in this season's I'm gonna work harder so they know that I'm not just home chilling. So you are putting on the extra work, putting in the extra work the extra time you're not logging off, we shall Aga you're not You're not taking breaks like you're sick because you feel like you have something to prove. It is because of the nature of right now the culture people are losing their jobs. You want to feel valuable. You want to be noticed, you want to stand out so you're overworking yourself to prove that. But you have to learn how to balance that. If you were valuable, valuable before going into quarantine, your work should speak for itself without you having toe overwork yourself. So learn how to balance And it's not easy because I'm one while Push, push, push, push, push to a breaking point trying t o make sure that my name is not forgot because it's different. Were you in the office. They can see the work you're doing. So your name is there, right where you are at home. They can't really see everything that you're doing. So you're trying to figure out how do I still maintain? Revel it Is that the word relevance?

spk_1:   21:07
Relevance A and C or whoever it is, But it's

spk_0:   21:12
that word you that work. How do I still remain in focus Howto also remain that girl that guy, that gold to write. And so it becomes a struggle for people. And you have to know that everything you did before quarantine matters just because you're in quarantine, you're not gonna

spk_1:   21:31
be forgot. Five license. We're working in the same space. I see that she'll, like, implement in a lot of stuff because you're a leadership at your situation because you are implementing a lot of stuff to keep you people engaged in stuff and letting them know that Hey, don't stress out. Take it easy. Get your work done. But I don't want you to kill yourself in this moment cause it's already stressful enough. If I throw stress on top of that, I'm not gonna get I'm not gonna get my best ideas. Get rush work out of you. I'm gonna get you being frustrated with the organization. I'm gonna get you feeling like nobody cares. And that's not what you want. And I think a lot of things that I see you implement a lot of things that let people know that you care about. Like, for me. I've implemented my people where we do. Um I want to remain a team. And so we do, um, video calls three times a day, but

spk_0:   22:19
I have something I want to give you. So, yes, you do the three video calls a day, but I hear a lot of it is about what you guys have going on as far as working, right. So my thought don't take no offense to it, but my thought is one of your next calls is Hey, guys a name. You might need a final. They feel comfortable. Let's walk together. You feel me do that Virtual walk, right? Just even if it's 10 to 15 minutes for them to get out that space, get out. That his space. Because, like you said, your people creatives as well, right? So they're seeing the same space every day, all day. Hey, you guys are trying to create and it becomes difficult, right? Because you and that same space almost eight hours a day, if not 9 10 And so you're not saying anything different that there's no sunlight and you lose Your creativity was like, Oh, I got pump this out, But I don't have enough, and I'm pumping it out from right to see. My job is a little different because it's on the, you know, they're on the phone saying there's a thing that they have todo

spk_1:   23:17
process for, but ain't no process for creating,

spk_0:   23:19
right. So So what I would do is I still implemented a group called Band. So in the band, we share personal stuff, right? So we're talking to each other. I do like funny quota today. Funny picture throwback Thursday. You know, show, show me your office space. Whatever it is to come up with something outside of what our normal functions are. And then I host 15 minute wanna once every week. That one no one could be. We're gonna laugh. We're gonna talk. We have to talk about important stuff. I'm doing a wellness check. I sent snack boxes. Well, they're different. Things that you could do would be innovative in this city. People definitely will show you how to do that. You know, it is about being innovative and let him know you care, right? It's a poor in in this season. Toe. Let your people if you if you supervise people, is important, let them know you care if you don't see provides people support for your leadership to let you know that they care about

spk_1:   24:07
the good thing is that my team They watched they watched the social advice and listen to me. Oh, you guys. Don't you see this? Just text me. What would you like? E sent it to your house.

spk_0:   24:21
But Quartey, like, honestly, some good things have come out of it. Meaning people being nicer, people being kinder. Uh, that should be nice. Rubber Bay and then paint me. No, I saw this us on this case,

spk_1:   24:37
but I saw this Facebook This, um um people are eating their home kids.

spk_0:   24:44
Yeah, talking family. If the world has slowed down,

spk_1:   24:48
the world is went back 20 years.

spk_0:   24:50
So the world has slowed down where people are having dinner. People are cooking at home. People are saving money always to eat out so much because we were going, going, going When I was, I spent a whole bunch of money in the market. Yes, but check this out

spk_1:   25:04
when I was a kid, right? My mom will cook every day and then

spk_0:   25:10
it's funny,

spk_1:   25:10
but I know she will cook every day. And then on Fridays we watch movies, have pizza or watch T g. I

spk_0:   25:15
remember TT I

spk_1:   25:16
have Thank God it's Friday. You see, Steve Merkel dinosaurs hang whole house all day. My boy meets world like all of that, right? So, um well, I kind of did. It is we were like, we cooked all along and that way, so it's kind of like nostalgic for me. That

spk_0:   25:41
and then we watched the movie. That pizza tasted so much better now before we were getting sick of you, It was like, Okay, Have you ever ordered out so much? The point where you like nothing you ordered tasting good anymore. Like we really enjoy that piece of last night. And I guess it's because we've been eating at home.

spk_1:   26:01
That's why limit down because I've been

spk_0:   26:03
so yeah, and we haven't eaten super clean, but it's still been balanced. It hasn't been like, and I don't even know how to have a go for clean eating anymore. I go for a balanced eating, because who's that? Where food is dirty, There's dirty food. I'm no dirty rice roll. Well, unhealthy or things like that, but yeah.

spk_1:   26:25
So what? All of that said we just wanted to do a check in. Can

spk_0:   26:28
you stop? It's one thing.

spk_1:   26:30
But we wanted to do a check in. We wanted you guys to see is listen,

spk_0:   26:34
I don't know, Okay? Oh, no, My last years. Uh, So fetch relations. Quarantine is over, baby. I need some late

spk_1:   26:43
because half of him is in my sink so

spk_0:   26:46
way. Oh, you cover for me O n named natural Maintain. Naturally, it's time for these brave to come out, but I'm holding on And so foreign scene is over. But my new growth Honey, you

spk_1:   27:01
look good. So, um,

spk_0:   27:08
they are in a shake.

spk_1:   27:11
So we want to come on checking. You guys see how you guys doing. There's a lot of new content that's out there. It's coming. Make sure you follow Coach T on instagram

spk_0:   27:21
coach tearing underscore. Kobe is coming, but I'm being patient and I'm taking my time. And the corporate base. Siri's is all about giving people corporate tips and information to excel in their career, to develop, to grow. But I am making sure that I don't rush it. And before, I was going to rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. But I'm gonna take my time and do it as I see fit. So it's not I'm not gonna say it every week. I'm not gonna say it every day. And I was, as I feel inspired to post corporate based stuff and corporate tips. I will do that. So stay connected. I love you all. Thank you for listening to the Social vice fall cans where you

spk_1:   28:01
don't say get right. Shoddy