The RSSB Podcast

Trespass kills: its impact on a better, safer railway

November 16, 2020 RSSB Season 1 Episode 7
The RSSB Podcast
Trespass kills: its impact on a better, safer railway
Show Notes

In this first podcast about trespass, Oliver Bratton, Director Network Strategy and Operations, Louise McNally, Trespass Prevention Lead, at Network Rail, and Inspector Becky Warren, of the British Transport Police, talk about the human, safety and operational impacts of trespass on the railway.

They talk about its human costs, as a result of fatalities and life-changing injuries.  On the family and friends of those whose lives are altered or taken, and on those who witness the traumatic results of trespass, be they railway staff, passengers, the public, or the police who have to deal with the aftermath.  They also talk of the additional costs and potential dangers added by the delays that trespass causes.

00:46 Intoducing Inspector Becky Warren

01:30 Introducing Louise McNally

01:58 Introducing Oliver Bratton

02:52 Why trespass happens… 

04:16 …and some of its human impacts

05:18 What BTP does when trespassers are seen on the railway

07:53 Becky recounts the trauma of having to deal personally with the aftermath of a trespass fatality

13:40 What Network Rail does when trespassers are seen on the railway… 

10:00 … and the possible impacts of trespass delays

11:20 Advice for drivers who see trespassers—December 2020 Rule Book changes

12:25 Some recent incidents of trespass disruption

14:02 Sign to make it clear where trespass begins

14:45 Recent industry actions and strategy to reduce trespass

16:45 The Trespass Improvement Programme

18:20 Guidance on trespass risk assessment

19:37 RSSB's work to support the Trespass Improvement Programme and risk assessment

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