The RSSB Podcast

Trespass Kills: assessing trespass risk

January 18, 2021 RSSB Season 1 Episode 11
The RSSB Podcast
Trespass Kills: assessing trespass risk
Show Notes

In this second podcast about trespass, Walt Cartwright, of DB Cargo UK, and Simon Martin, Route Crime Manager at Network Rail, talk about the practical sides of assessing trespass risk and putting prevention measures in place.

Walt tals about the benefits of the new guide and the consistency it can bring to understanding how to assess trespass risk. How it will increase understanding of how to judge when that risk has been reduced to 'as low as reasonably practicable'. Simon talk about the reasons for trespass, particularly around stations, and about the results from a trial of higher fencing.

01:10 About Walt Cartwright.

01:45 About Simon Martin.

02:12 Why Walt is passionate about reducing trespass.

03:12 The benefits of the new guide to trespass risk assessment.

04:48 How the new guide should improve understanding of what 'as low as reasonably practicable' looks like.

06:26 Why there's lots of trespass at or near stations; and what Network Rail is doing to reduce it.

09:12 The results of a trial with higher fencing at a specific location.

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