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Trespass kills: the ORR perspective

January 27, 2021 RSSB Season 1 Episode 12
The RSSB Podcast
Trespass kills: the ORR perspective
Show Notes

In this third podcast about trespass, David Whitmarsh, acting Principal Inspector of Railways for Scotland, talks about the ORR's expectations of the industry when it comes to trespass prevention.

He talks about why the ORR might decide to prosecute a railway company rather than the trespasser, and how the level of fines is calculated by the courts. What the ORR would consider to be 'good and sufficient [fences] for today's railway'; and how the new guidance on trespass risk assessment will help railway companies know whether they might be meeting those expectations.

01:10 About David Whitmarsh.

01:55 Why the ORR might prosecute a railway undertaking, rather than the trespasser.

03:06 When BTP would prosecute the trespasser.

03:48 How fines are decided by the courts.

05:10 What constitutes 'good and sufficient fences', and the regulations that determine what good and sufficient looks like today.

07:20 David's view of the new good practice guide on trespass risk assessment and how companies may get it wrong.

09:13 The new guidance as a means to help improve efforts to assess, manage, and mitigate trespass risk.

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