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BowTie Risk Analysis—Why, When, How to use it

August 04, 2021 RSSB Season 1 Episode 22
The RSSB Podcast
BowTie Risk Analysis—Why, When, How to use it
Show Notes

In this episode Ben Gilmartin talks about the BowTie Method of risk analysis: its history, and his experience of using it. About RSSB's work to broaden understanding of risk by using the method, and to develop BowTie analyses for all the risk areas included in Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway.

01:35 About Ben.

02:34 Why and when RSSB started to look at the BowTie Method as a means of risk analysis.

04:31 How the BowTie model works, its simplicity and strengths.

07:18 When the BowTie Method is particularly applicable, and when it may not be.

08:00 Some specific examples of when a BowTie model might be particularly helpful.

09:21 When the BowTie Method is the right method to use.

10:52 Where the rail industry is already using BowTie analysis.

11:43 Some recently completed BowTie analayses, some in train, and future plans for the industry.

12:28 How to choose the right style of BowTie analysis—high-level overview or a detailed quantitative analysis.

13:15 Who to involve in a BowTie Model risk analysis in different situations.

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