LOCSU Podcast

Episode 3: 'CUES'

April 24, 2020 LOCSU
LOCSU Podcast
Episode 3: 'CUES'
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Fresh from announcing the covid-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) LOCSU's CEO Richard Whittington is joined by senior optical lead Zoe Richmond and optical lead Tom Mackley. 

They discuss what CUES is, the difference between MECS & CUES, and how CUES could help shape the future of primary eyecare.

Due to government social distancing and lockdown restrictions the podcast is recorded remotely and isn't up to our usual audio standards. 

If you have questions or feedback please contact your optical lead, we want to include your views in future editions and might even invite you to take part!

To contact LOCSU email us at: [email protected]

Stay in touch via Twitter @LOCSU, Facebook @LOCSupport, LinkedIn LOCSU & our website locsu.co.uk 

What is CUES?
Primary care is open
Difference between MECS v CUES
The CUES commissioning process
Moving CUES forward
Shaping the future
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