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Law Enforcement to Entrepreneurship - Derek Stephens of Rally Point

November 25, 2019 Christopher Goodwillie
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Law Enforcement to Entrepreneurship - Derek Stephens of Rally Point
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Derek Stephens is a retired police officer with over 20 years of experience in the state of Colorado. He now runs his own business, training officers in survival skills and tactics.

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Music by Scandinavianz, song Wonderland (instrumental).

Derek's business and career overview
The start of his police officer journey
A wide variety of jobs within law enforcement
How being a cop changes you
Coping with the dark side of society and relying on God
Being a light for Christ in the workplace
Managing injuries and transitioning from police work to entrepreneurship
Serving officers through his training business, and how to start a side gig
The logistics of starting a business
Getting an article published in a specific industry
Marketing, validating ideas and getting out there
How to generate training content
How to plan long term while managing daily business tasks
Working in flexibility and days off
Don't just chase the money
Trusting God and setting business deadlines
Parting piece of career advice: be passionate about your work
Concluding comments