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Solo Entrepreneurship and Working with Horses - Luke Tanner of L&M Horseworks

August 03, 2020
Career Yak
Solo Entrepreneurship and Working with Horses - Luke Tanner of L&M Horseworks
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Join me as I talk to Luke Tanner, founder and owner of L&M Horseworks, as we discuss starting businesses and shutting them down, learning how to be more efficient with scheduling and route planning, and having a balance between work life and family life. Luke shares stories about sharing his faith in the workplace, learning lessons the hard way, building in vacation time into a busy entrepreneurial schedule, and how not all careers are linear and predictable.

Check out Luke's business: L&M Horseworks

Book links: The Wright Brothers, The E Myth, The Lean Startup

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Music by Scandinavianz, song Wonderland (instrumental).

The beginning of the trade
The beginning of the business
Building a clientele
The sandal making side business
Traveling for work, learning efficiency, and prioritizing home
Scheduling and managing a cyclical rotation
Sharing Messianic Christian faith in the workplace
Exploring alternative revenue streams
Exposing your kids to different careers and why college isn't for everyone
Parting career advice