Startup Lagos Podcast

From Disruption to Collaboration - Founders

June 13, 2020 Olumide Olayinka Season 3 Episode 1
Startup Lagos Podcast
From Disruption to Collaboration - Founders
Show Notes

“Collaboration - Together we can achieve more,” takes a systemic view of community, Startup Creation and connection. 

On this special episode of LSW 19 we focused on big ideas relating to partnerships, groups and organizations - the intimate experience of human collaboration where ideas are born, developed and spread. 

This is a social experience to inspire you to collaborate in new ways.

Just as innovation is a key driver of private sector productivity, innovations which help these
organisations to spend this more effectively, or otherwise achieve more impact, could make a huge difference.

Moreover, any good partnership should benefit both the partners: improving such mechanisms should also provide more opportunities for startups to scale.

  • Damilola Thompson -Venture Capital Advise/ Senior Counsel, Legal, Compliance & Corporate Development Echo VC
  • Peter Frykman - Founder Driptech
  • Shola Akinlade Co- Founder Paystack
  • Fahim Saleh -Co- founder Gokada 
  • Moderator : Oluseye Johnson Innovation Lead Ericsson