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Amity-Phil Horror - Listener Stories

October 31, 2022
The Wait For It Podcast
Amity-Phil Horror - Listener Stories
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Show Notes

Welcome back to another haunting episode of The Amity-PHIL Horror and Happy Halloween!

Today, @PhilTheFilipino brings you all a very special episode with three haunting first-hand encounters with the paranormal. Each story is unique & spooky in their own individual way. And really encapsulates how not every paranormal encounter is the same.

First, we have Hannah's story of how her husband unknowingly booked them a room at one of the most haunted Bed & Breakfasts in Texas. It's the type of ghostly encounter that we don't hear enough of, which contains spirits that may be just a little curious.

Next, I welcome back in friend of the show Jay Davis from Super Bracket Bros. Jay shares experiences that both he & his parents had in the home he grew up in. And his personal experience features a revelation that will send chills down your spine.

& finally, I brought in Stoney Keeley from the SoBros Network and the Unofficial Titans Podcast. Stoney's family home was set up in a location made ripe for paranormal activity, and he shares all that with us today. Don't forget to check out his additional encounters with the paranormal right here on the SoBros Blog.

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