Ep28 Elie Rieder: CEO of Castle Lanterra Properties

January 18, 2021 Jorge Canavati
Ep28 Elie Rieder: CEO of Castle Lanterra Properties
Show Notes

Elie Rieder is founder and CEO of Castle Lanterra Properties. An active real estate investor, owner, and manager since 1998, Mr. Rieder has been directly involved in acquiring in excess of 20,000 multifamily units.

At Castle Laterra, Mr. Rieder specializes in value-add acquisitions, where property performance can be enhanced through multiple operational and capital improvements. His investments have shown a strong history of success in improving both the quality of life for the tenants and the cash flow to the owner through improvements to unit quality, community amenities, and property aesthetics. 

In addition to his activities with Castle Lanterra, Mr. Rieder is an equity partner in a substantial number of units owned and managed by Fieldstone Properties, an active New Jersey investor, owner, and operator of multifamily communities in the eastern United States.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • The different principles Mr. Rieder acquired from his father and grandfather, and how these have played a crucial role in shaping his investment philosophy. 
  • The case for an acquisition-based strategy vs. ground-up development.
  • The significance of having boots in the ground before making an investment in a new market. 
  • And we discuss on of Castle Lanterra’s latest acquisitions, The Triangle, a landmark property here in Austin, Texas. 

To learn more about Elie Rieder and Castle Lanterra Properties, please visit www.castlelanterra.com.