Suddenly Stronger

Tracey - The Deceived Fiancee

February 22, 2021 Rachel Flint Season 1 Episode 4
Suddenly Stronger
Tracey - The Deceived Fiancee
Show Notes

Tracey was newly divorced and not looking for love; but it found her. What she didn't know is that her new love would lead her down a path of unexpected twists and turns, lies, sacrifices, and deception. When she found out that her fiance had been diagnosed with leukemia, her competitive spirit kicked in and she was determined to stand by her man and help him beat cancer for the third time. She had no idea what the future held, and what she started to uncover was shocking.

Tune in as she shares her story on this episode of Suddenly Stronger. Tune in and be inspired by her strength and grace.

Guest: Tracey
Intro: Stronger by Les Thomas

Highlights ✨
 01:50 The Meet-Up
 05:40 The Diagnosis
 13:35 The Proposal
 14:55 The First Lie
 20:00 The Stem Cell Replacement  (How did he fake it?)
 23:12 The Silent Auction (A whooping $70,000 fundraiser!)
 24:26 The Huge Fight
 35:50 The Second Chance
 39:10 The Beginning of the End
 45:00 The Final Plan
 50:25 The Aftermath
 58:08 The Decision to go Public
 1:01:50 The Dark Times
 1:07:15 The Lessons
 1:15:25 The Takeaway

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