Suddenly Stronger

Tara - The Unyielding Competitor

March 01, 2021 Rachel Flint Season 1 Episode 5
Suddenly Stronger
Tara - The Unyielding Competitor
Show Notes

When Tara's third aunt developed breast cancer, she knew something was up. She decided to  be proactive with her health and get tested for the BRCA gene, a genetic mutation that drastically increases chances of developing breast cancer. When the test came back positive, she made a quick decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy and removal of her Fallopian tubes. She was determined to prevent cancer so she could continue to be present for her family. Little did she know that a year later, she would be diagnosed with a different type of cancer that would put her through physical and emotional agony. Through it all, her competitor's mindset prevailed. 

Tune in and be inspired by her strength and drive as she shares her story on this episode of Suddenly Stronger. 

Guest: Tara Ramos (Check out her Instagram here!)

Intro / Outro: Stronger by Les Thomas (Check him out on YouTube and Instagram!)

Highlights  ✨

01:22 The BRCA Mutation

01:57 The Light Bulb Moment

02:20 The Genetic Test Results

03:40 The Quick Decision

06:40 The Empowered Tara

09:35 The Headache (How It All Started)

13:08 The Theory for Oral Cancer

15:20 The First Diagnosis

18:45 The Initial Surgery

19:23 The Pathology Report (More Operations!)

22:00 The Support System

24:00 The “Fight or Flight” Lessons in Action

26:45 The Motivation to Show Up Every Day

27:30 The Lung Tumor

31:00 The YOLO Attitude!

32:30 The Big Surgery

33:48 The Scary Chemo Decision 

37:00 The Changes

38:50 The Coping Process

41:05 The Company of a Good Friend

45:08 The Continuous Battle

47:08 The Healing process (Mind and Body)

50:20 The Lingering Effects

52:10 The Long-Term Outcome

53:20 The Biggest Takeaway

56:28 The Focus on Healing

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