Chasing Her BHAG: BIG Hairy Audacious Goals

Superwoman Syndrome

February 28, 2023 Sanina Ellison Jones Season 2 Episode 3
Chasing Her BHAG: BIG Hairy Audacious Goals
Superwoman Syndrome
Show Notes

Sandi Robinson is a woman who creates amazing and memorable experiences in the hospitality industry for others. In this podcast episode, she shares her journey into hospitality, which began 25 years ago when she was 16 years old. Sandi currently serves as Director of Sales & Marketing for Oxford Hotels & Resorts, overseeing the sales and marketing teams and day-to-day operations at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.

We discuss ‘the Superwoman Syndrome’, making an impact in your local community, Sandi’s advice for people entering the hospitality industry – and why hospitality and charitable giving are the perfect marriage.

Let’s get to know Sandi

What's your favorite genre of music? Hip Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, House Music

Favorite Artist right now or Song? Jill Scott

Favorite Color Black

Favorite Food Mexican

Favorite quote “Life isn’t about the moment it's about who you share them with”. Rome A million little things

Last thoughts for the audience “Don’t be afraid to start from the bottom”. Find a mentor

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Chasing Her BHAG