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S3E3: How Does Food Bring the Jewish Community Together?

April 29, 2022 Asheville JCC Season 3 Episode 3
J Voices
S3E3: How Does Food Bring the Jewish Community Together?
Show Notes

Get a taste of Jewish food tradition as Geri and Michaela talk to chefs Rachel Miriam and Adrienne Press about how cuisine brings people together.

Theme music "Zisa Meydele" by Zoe & Cloyd, courtesy of Natalya Weinstein

Chef Rachel's Nourishing Mushroom Gravy and Creamy Polenta:

Nourishing Mushroom Gravy

yield: 4 each, 8 to 12-ounce servings, to be spooned over creamy polenta

olive oil

1 large sweet onion, small dice

1 pound fresh mushrooms (shiitake, white button, crimini, oyster, king; small & medium dice, shiitakes sliced 1/4-inch thick)

plenty of minced or grated fresh ginger root, 1-2 heaped tablespoon minimum

2 celery stalk, small dice

3 carrots, small dice

3-5 garlic cloves, smashed and minced

½ teaspoon good smoked paprika

1 teaspoon dry sage and rosemary, ground in a spice grinder

few sprigs thyme

1 bay leaf

4 cups vegetable broth

2 tablespoon coconut aminos

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

4 teaspoons arrowroot powder

Heat olive oil over medium-high heat, cook onion until softened, stirring to prevent browning. Add sliced mushrooms, celery, and carrot, cook, stirring occasionally until mushrooms release all their liquid and begin to turn golden brown; next add garlic, ginger, and all seasoning, saute a few minutes, coating all vegetables in spice.

Next add vegetable broth and coconut aminos, scraping the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon to release. Simmer, partially covered, stirring occasionally, until flavors begin to develop and liquid has reduced some, about 30 to 45 minutes.

Spoon 1/4 cup of the gravy into a small bowl, add the arrowroot powder, whisking until smooth. Finally slowly pour the arrowroot base back into the gravy, stirring well. Simmer until thickened.

Mushroom gravy recipe adapted from: https://alifewellplanted.com/

Creamy Polenta

yield: 2 quarts

1.5 cups Bob's Red Mill Organic Corn Grits aka Polenta

3.75 cups water or chicken stock

3.75 cups milk or nuetral plant-based milk of choice

½ cup grass-fed butter (1 stick)

sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

optional add-ins: minced herbs of choice, ½ to 1 cup of grated choice of choice

Over high flame, combine and bring water, stock and milk just to a boil. Slowly whisk in the polenta / corn grits, reduce flame to medium, medium-high until a strong boil, then reduce heat and stir often, being sure to scrape all along the bottom and sides of the pan to prevent sticking. Begin tasting for seasoning and doneness around 20 minutes. Add in butter, herbs and/cheese if using at this time. May take up to 45 minutes of longer to achieve desired consistency, depending on the brand or quality of polenta.