Flatten the Curve

What is COVID-19?

March 28, 2020 Season 1 Episode 1
Flatten the Curve
What is COVID-19?
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A podcast that looks at the impact of the coronavirus on life in Wales. We’ll be sharing our thoughts, but more importantly, we’ll be hearing from the experts, and those whose lives have been most affected and disrupted.  This week we have our resident expert, Dr Catherine Moore from Public Health Wales who helped to develop the COVID-19 tests used in Wales. Together we’ll unpick our way through the science and try to better understand the weeks and months ahead. From Wuhan to Wales, and everything in between, this is the podcast to take on the pandemic!

Please note: This podcast is recorded remotely to adhere to the latest Governments advice so there may be some sound interference. 

All facts were correct at the time of recording. 

What is COVID-19?
What impact will social distancing have?
Where are we with testing?
Could we have predicted this?
Where are we in Wales in relation to COVID-19?
Is it going to get better during warmer weather?
What's the latest on a vaccine?
What's the advice?