LIFT Your Story

LIFT Your Story with Mark Breslin CEO of Yuk Yuks

July 06, 2020 LaurieAnn Campbell and Roy Miller
LIFT Your Story
LIFT Your Story with Mark Breslin CEO of Yuk Yuks
Show Notes

Great interview with Mark Breslin CEO of Yuk Yuk's Comedy Clubs.

Mark shares the beginning, the challenges through COVID19, and the dynamics of a comedian with an audience.

Mark Breslin. Not only the CEO of Yuk Yuk's Comedy Clubs for 44 years but also my mentor 20 years ago when he accepted to be the Chair of the Canadian Federation of Executive Entrepreneurs with Rodney De Freitas and me, presented at my Gala Dinner when I became the President of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and supported #entrepreneurship across Canada. Inspirational and fun interview with my friend, my supporter, my mentor. THANK YOU so much for your time!

We really appreciate Mark's time at #thatgalwiththatguy

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