LIFT Your Story

LIFT Your Story with Tracy Lamourie Founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media

March 11, 2021 LaurieAnn Campbell and Roy Miller
LIFT Your Story
LIFT Your Story with Tracy Lamourie Founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media
Show Notes

All you need is passion, life experience versus academic and guts.  That's what Tracy Lamourie is all about.

When she and her husband were 28 years old, after having a radio show for two years while in college, decided they needed something to channel their passion.  During the time they had their radio station, they would read out the top news stories, however Tracy says they were just going through the motions.  So here they are leafing through newspapers and saw a "not penpal" ad, which was what they were looking for.  It was a notice from an inmate on death row pleading for someone to help him prove that he was innocent.  This caught their attention and they responded.  This was all at the same time she and her husband were entry level sales people.

Jimmy Dennis did get his pardon after she and her husband built a website and set out to share the information they had to the public.  Tracy goes on to say that after their Human Rights advocacy and appearance on several Television and Radio shows, she and her husband took time off to raise a family. 

When tracy decided to start up a business again, she and her husband decided that with all the publicity experience they had, that they would start a media company.  "I don't have any formal education as a publicist", Tracy says.  However, she did have a lot of life experience, skills that were marketable.  She pitched her busines on freelance listings and priced at a competitive range.  Angela Sadler Williamson, cousin of Rosa Parks, was one of her first clients.  With this she gained more confidence and grew her business.

When COVID struck she had to pivot, so she started appearances on Podcasts and pitched online.  She does realize that at the other end of COVID other things will happen, and stages will open up, where she can be speaking about PR.

Tracy says it is interesting that she grew two different forms of Global International PR companies.  First one was based on Human Rights, the second wave was focused more on Creatives, Authors and Filmmakers.  Today she has included businesses.  She said even small businesses have something to share that makes for a great PR project.

You can contact Tracy at [email protected], by telephone at these two numbers, Toronto : 289-788-5881 * Beverly Hills : 424-444-8052 or on her website at

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