LIFT Your Story

LIFT Your Story with Keith Blakemore-Noble UK's #1 Fear Strategist

July 15, 2021 LaurieAnn Campbell and Roy Miller
LIFT Your Story
LIFT Your Story with Keith Blakemore-Noble UK's #1 Fear Strategist
Show Notes

From a shy person working in IT to UK's #1 Fear Strategist, Keith shares his story of how he overcame his own fears.

We also learned about some very interesting fears, and phobias, and the difference between a fear and a phobia.

Engaging and fun, Keith also explains how he has helped people overcoming the fear of public speaking!

You can reach Keith at or search his "unique" name to find him on any social media platform.

More about Keith:

Who Am I?

Award-winning international speaker. Multi-time best-selling author. UK’s #1 Fear Strategist. Coach.

I am all of these, but I am also someone who used to be terrified of speaking with strangers, and who allowed this fear to hold his life back for decades.

Until one panic attack too many, which forced me to realise I needed to Do Something.

For me, “Something” was immersing myself in the study of NLP, hypnosis, and coaching. I became certified at train-the-trainer level, and used these skills first to conquer my own fears and then to help others.

Whether it’s conquering fears and phobias, embracing change, reclaiming confidence, or busting habits (like smoking or bad eating), since 2010 I have used my skills and experience to help thousands of people across the planet to transform their lives.

Why Do People Come To Me?

Clients come to me because they’re scared, they live in fear, or they live with the deep frustration of being unable to change.. Most take time to talk to me because they lived with those harmful and unpleasant feelings for so long that it became part of their life – something they just accept. Many have spent a fortune trying to change, and failed. So they understandably flat out refuse to believe that I can help.

And yet, I do.

Thousands of times in over a decade.

I’ve got pages of written testimonials, and hours of video testimonials – from people just like you. With me they found a fun, fast way to make that change – forever.

For some, it’s a deep-seated fear or even a phobia which is impacting their career, their profession, or their social life. For others it’s a lack of confidence which is holding them back personally, professionally, socially, or romantically. And for yet others, it’s that seemingly unconquerable bad habit which is blocking them from the life they truly want. Whichever one of these is true for you, just know that it doesn’t have to hold you back a moment longer.

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