The Travelling Optimist Podcast with Steve Ody

#36 - Rob Pardi - Chasing Life & The Currency of Joy

September 08, 2021
The Travelling Optimist Podcast with Steve Ody
#36 - Rob Pardi - Chasing Life & The Currency of Joy
Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to the podcast. How have you been, what have you been up to? It’s been a crazy few weeks, hence my lack of episode releases, but I’m back and I’m fully charged.  Thanks so much for downloading and listening, don’t forget to subscribe and recommend the show to your friends, loved ones and colleagues.

So sit back, grab a drink, put a Do Not Disturb sign up and have a listen to another brilliant conversation on the Travelling Optimist podcast.

 Todays guest is acclaimed coach, speaker, author and all round awesome guy Rob Pardi.

So its 1997 - Rob and his wife Desiree were achieving their dreams and goals and looking forward to a life of travel and wonderful experiences. Then BANG. They were delivered the news we all dread!

It was incredible to speak with Rob, he spoke very candidly and openly about his and Desiree’s life together. We talk about the 11 years that she so bravely fought her battle with breast cancer and what that was like for her, living it, and what it was like for Rob as her full time carer.

But this conversation is not just about sadness and despair, it’s a conversation about love and joy, happiness and  determination.

It’s about life! The article I mentioned in the show is a New York Times piece that can be dowloaded here. It's such a powerful and emotional article that is a must read.

This is a superb conversation about how to break out of complacency. 
Valuing the ordinary moments in your life so you are able to live an extraordinary life 
It’s about not waiting for a diagnosis to start living. 

But ultimately this is a heart breaking and heart warming story of a man who now doesn’t measure his life in the number of years but rather measures his life in the currency of JOY.

You can buy his and Desirees book 'Chasing Life' at

Please do connect and reach out to Rob on Linked In and Robs website is
Thanks so much for listening.