The Travelling Optimist Podcast with Steve Ody

#37 - Dan T Rogers - Rolling Burrito's and Your Clients are the Superheroes!

September 21, 2021 Steve Ody Episode 37
The Travelling Optimist Podcast with Steve Ody
#37 - Dan T Rogers - Rolling Burrito's and Your Clients are the Superheroes!
Show Notes

Happiness - Purpose - Serving others & Optimism

All of these words could pale into insignificance when, as covid started to grip the planet, your business loses 96% of its income! That’s right ……. 96%. How would you handle this situation, what would you do with your back against this seemingly unscalable wall? How do you stay positive, what do you do to get back on your feet again? 

Well, I tread this beautiful terrain with my friend Dan T Rogers in a truly wonderful conversation  - so sit back, plug in and enjoy this feast for your ears on the travelling optimist podcast.

I’m reminded of a quote from Mahatma Ghandi – he said that strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will. I know a lot of people, particularly in the travel industry that can relate to this quote but in my conversation with the awesome Dan Rogers I hope you will see how that quote really does apply to him.

It struck me that this is a guy that could have just thrown his arms up in defeat and walked away. 

Instead he embraced his situation and rather than feel sorry for himself he threw himself into serving others, and letting the markets and the universe decide his fate. There’s no doubt you’ll realise that Dan is an inspiring leader, albeit a very humble one, and please don’t underestimate the size of Dan’s contribution that he and his new team are making. 

I love everything that Dan stands for and that his business system sets yourself up to put your clients and community as the heroes.

So this is me and Dan Rogers reminiscing about our early escapades on our paper rounds, taking about covid, staying happy, being judged on what you do, adding value even if you don’t get paid, and the importance of family.

But ultimately this is a conversation about Dan’s grit and determination to be part of something bigger than himself and to look back in 20 years and feel proud of what he’s achieved.

You can connect up with Dan on Linked In and more information about Dan's brilliant system to create client superheroes is here at Sales Sidekick 

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Stay well everybody