Beyond the Wrench
Student Journey in Automotive ft. Caroline Daley
Student Journey in Automotive ft. Caroline Daley 53:47 Shop Leadership ft. Lucas Underwood 1:00:44 Safety First ft. Charlie Ayers 53:04 Building Good Teams ft. John Spence 57:49 Perception of Shops in Schools ft. Allie Libby and Linda Murray 54:17 Qualities of a Good Student ft. Aaron Picozzi 54:45 Perspective of a Young Tech ft. Madelynn Vant Hoff 53:17 More Profitability, Less Work ft. Mary Kelly 54:20 Tackling the Technician Shortage ft. Jason Olinger 1:04:12 Shop Mindset ft. Kim Hickey 1:00:23 Technician Interview Tips ft. Garrick Weaver 48:48 Marketing for Shops ft. Nick Adams 56:28 Value of Associations for Shops, Carolyn Coquillette 59:53 How to Protect Your Shop from Illegitimate Credit Card Chargebacks ft. Tyler Kattre, Wind River Financial 56:03 Building Equal Relationships Between Schools and Shops ft. John Gardner & Josh Ellis, Chipola College/Tech Garage 57:06 Barriers of Entry to Becoming a Technician ft. Eric Villa, Diesel Garage Foundation 56:45 Marketing Advice for Repair Shops ft. Martin Morgan, Repair Shop Websites 1:11:44 How Dealerships Can Build Relationships with Schools ft. Marcus Hicks, Ford TPS Program 57:49 A Marketer's Guide to Recruiting ft. Sara Kerwin, WrenchWay 52:43 Boosting the Industry Through Social Media, ft. Chryssa Hunlock, California Truck Centers 1:01:22 Social Media, Creating Content, & Working With Schools ft. Jeff Buckley, My Father’s Shop Certified Auto Repair 1:01:02 How to Build an Automotive/Diesel Program ft. Lindsey Trent, Ryder System Inc. 51:52 Hiring High Performance People ft. Trip Bruce, Halmar Friesen Racing 54:06 The Evolution of Automotive Service ft. Joel Milne, RepairSmith 52:40 The Power of Social Media ft. Dan Beakey, Colonial South Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 56:18