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E63. Alex Sanfilippo: Creating a Brand Through Podcast & Community.

August 13, 2020 BIZBROS
Content Is Profit
E63. Alex Sanfilippo: Creating a Brand Through Podcast & Community.
Show Notes

Alex is probably, if not, the biggest podcaster in Jacksonville, FL.

Alex is LEGIT! He eats and breathes podcasts. Not only is he the host of Creating a Brand Podcast, but he is an innovator, AAAND his hair is always on fleek! How does he do it?

That's what we are here to answer!

We officially met him at an awesome podcasting conference! -and I say officially because we previously had creeped on his social media accounts- NO SHAME ON THAT!.

He is surprisingly good at knowing what is the next most important action, and he has been doing just that with the release of his new incredible service for podcasters.

Some of his awesome achievements include: His podcast Creating a Brand has been a top-20 entrepreneurship podcast on Apple! (IMPRESSIVE!).

Not to spoil the surprise, but he launched to help guests and hosts find their ideal interviews.

And, most importantly, he has been able to build an AMAZING community of like-minded entrepreneurs in a very distinctive way! More on that later…

We talked about:

  • His start as a blogger and how to remove the friction.
  • How to transition into a camera.
  • The importance of finding problems and solving them.
  • His #1 secret behind his movement.


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