Light the Chalice

Special Music Edition

July 24, 2020 Amy Season 1 Episode 15
Light the Chalice
Special Music Edition
Show Notes

Stephen Downen and Amy Rosebush provide reflective readings and uplifting music.

Light the Chalice Theme Song - Composed and Performed by Stephen Downen

Opening Words: #434 "May we be reminded..." - Anonymous

Opening Song: Song Without Words - Composed by Felix Mendellsohn, Performed by Amy Rosebush

Chalice Lighting: #447 "At times our own light..." - Albert Schweitzer

#1021 Lean on Me - Words & Music by Bill Withers, arr. David Moran.  Performed by Stephen Downen 

Reading: #665 "Transcendental Etude" - Adrienne Rich

Piano Meditation: Rhapsodie Hongroise - Composed by Franz Liszt, Performed by Amy Rosebush

Poetry Reading: "Music" by Alice Cary, read by Stephen Downen

#1027 Cuando el Pobre (When the Poor Ones)- Composed by Jose Antonio Olivar & Miguel Manzano, performed by Stephen Downen (Vocals, Drums, Guitars) & Amy Rosebush (Keyboard)

Reading: #123 Spirit of Life by Carolyn McDade

#388 Dona Nobis Pacem, Traditional canon performed by Stephen Downen

Ending Credits: #1018 Improvisation on Come and Go With Me, performed by Amy Rosebush (piano) & Stephen Downen (Drums)