Light the Chalice

Season II, Episode 6: A Pocketful of Sorry

September 24, 2020 Amy Season 2 Episode 6
Light the Chalice
Season II, Episode 6: A Pocketful of Sorry
Show Notes

I stumble. You stumble. We all stumble. 
May we learn the fine art of forgiveness. 

Chalice Lighting Words by Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro,
Read by Stephen Downen & Reverend Amy Kindred
Music "O What a Piece of Work Are We"  Words by Malvina Reynolds,
Melody by Charles H. Webb. (From Singing the Living Tradition, Unitarian Universalist Association, 1993)
      Verse One:
      O what a piece of work are we, how marvelously wrought,
      the quick contrivance of the hand, the wonder of our thought,
      the wonder of our thought.
      Verse Two:
      Why need to look for miracles outside of nature's law?
      Humanity we wonder at with every breath we draw,
      with every breath we draw.
      Verse Three:
But give us room to move and grow, but give our spirit play,
      and we can make a world of light out of the common clay,
      out of the common clay.
Keyboard Amy Rosebush
Voice Stephen Downen
Message The Reverend Amy Kindred
Closing Words by Orlando Brugnola, 
Read by Amy Rosebush.

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