Light the Chalice

Season III, Episode 4: Woven Words

February 20, 2021 Season 3 Episode 4
Light the Chalice
Season III, Episode 4: Woven Words
Show Notes

Quick ... Name your favorite love poem! Was it about a friend, sweetheart,
humanity, nature or something as mundane as a favorite coffee cup?
Does it sound more like a prayer than a secular passage?

Chalice Lighting Words by Amy K. Genova (Check out her latest book of poems Flavor Box: 7 Words Repurposed  on Amazon)  Read by Lisa Harrington
Music Postludium from "Winterreigen" Op. 13, by Ernst von Dohnányi
Keyboard Amy Rosebush
Message Reverend Amy Kindred
Song "Love Knocks and Waits for Us to Hear" Words and music by Daniel Charles, Damon 1955-1996 Publishing Company, Carol Stream, IL 60188 (Located in Singing the Journey, Unitarian Universalist Association, copyright 2005)
Keyboard Amy Rosebush
Strings and Vocals Stephen Downen
Closing Words by Lynn Unger, Read by Adam Byrn Tritt
Audio Technician Art Brosius

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