Light the Chalice

Like the Wine, Not the Label

April 09, 2021 Season 3 Episode 9
Light the Chalice
Like the Wine, Not the Label
Show Notes

In a popular Netflix series, Daniel Levy's character explains his affinity for wine and hints at so much more.

Music Rustles of Spring Op.32.No. 3, by Fruhlingsrauchen
Keyboard Amy Rosebush
Chalice Lighting Words by William Butler Yeats, Read by Adam Byrn Tritt, Lisa Harrington & Stephen Downen
Message Reverend Amy Kindred
Closing Words from "Zami: A New Spelling of My Name" by Audre Lorde, Read by Amy Rosebush
Song  I Wish I Knew How , Words & Music by Billy Talylor and Dick Dallas, arr. by Mary Allen Walden (Located in Singing the Living Tradition, Copyright 1993 Unitarian Universalist Association)
Keyboard Amy Rosebush
Vocals Stephen Downen
Audio Technician Art Brosius, Linda Harrington, Adam Byrn Tritt

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