Light the Chalice

Season III, Episode 13: Kitty's Garden

May 21, 2021 Season 3 Episode 13
Light the Chalice
Season III, Episode 13: Kitty's Garden
Show Notes

The definition for tend  is " to take care of or be in charge of someone or something." For years,  native Floridian Kitty Linton has been tenderly caring for the needs of the many plants on the grounds of Friendhip Fellowship in Rockledge, Florida.  What a lovely example of stewardship for the earth!

Music Beethoven
Keyboard Amy Rosebush
Chalice Lighting Words From A Garden Fair, by Helen Fussell, Read by Lisa Harrington
Message Reverend Amy Kindred
Song "Blue Boat Home" Words by Peter Mayer, Music by Roland Hugh Prichard, adapted by Peter Mayer, Keyboard arr. by Jason Shelton  (Located in Singing the Journey, Copyright 2005 Unitarian Universalist Association)
Keyboard Amy Rosebush
Vocals Stephen Downen
Closing Words  Attributed to Chief Noah Stealth, Read by Reverend Amy Kindred
Music "Rising Green" Music by Carolyn McDade (From Singing the Journey, Copyright 2005, Unitarian Universalist Association)
Flute Staci Rosbury
Audio Technician  Art Brosius, Adam Byrn Tritt

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