High School History Recap

#11 Fighting Misinformation with Dr Joel Breakstone

February 18, 2022 William H Palk, Colin du Plessis and Dr Joel Breakstone Season 4 Episode 11
High School History Recap
#11 Fighting Misinformation with Dr Joel Breakstone
Show Notes

In this episode we explore Civic Online Reasoning in more depth. We are joined by Dr Joel Breakstone of the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG). This is in an effort to effectively fight misinformation. 

  • Why is it called Civic Online Reasoning?
  • What does Civic Online Reasoning have to do with history?
  • How does source analysis and source evaluation relate to Civic Online Reasoning?
  • What does expertise look like in terms of evaluating online sources?
  • Is misinformation a new thing?
  • How does misinformation differ from disinformation?
  • How do we ensure that our students access online sources more effectively?
  • Are there skills/tools in place to fight misinformation?
  • What exactly is lateral reading?
  • How reliable is Wikipedia?
  • How do we interrogate claims?
  • Which lessons form part of the Civic Online Reasoning curriculum?
  • What about the challenge of confirmation bias?
  • Should we be more skeptical?
  • The importance of finding corroborative evidence
  • The importance of peer-reviewed studies

Visit the Civic Online Reasoning website for some great sources to use in the history classroom. Also follow the twitter handle @CivicOnline. Joel's twitter handle is @joelbreakstone.

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