High School History Recap

#2 OERProject and History Teaching with Prof Bob Bain

August 18, 2022 William H Palk, Colin du Plessis and Prof Bob Bain Season 5 Episode 2
High School History Recap
#2 OERProject and History Teaching with Prof Bob Bain
Show Notes

Prof Bob Bain joins us, probably one of the biggest names in history teaching. This conversation brought a whole new dimension to what effective history teaching should look like.

Questions we set out to answer:

  • Does Bob Bain play the guitar?
  • Why are all historians, in essence, teachers?
  • The power of that ONE inspirational history teacher/lecturer
  • Why in the world would anyone want to study history?
  • What is the purpose of situating the present in the context of the past?
  • How do we deal with different accounts of the past?
  • What is the OERProject all about?
  • How is the OERProject different from typical MOOCs?
  • How did the OERProject come about?
  • What is the difference between Big History, World History or Global History?
  • How does scale influence our understanding of the past?
  • How do we link all the ways in which historians write history?
  • What is the importance of scale switching?
  • Does Big History move beyond the scope of history itself?
  • "Bain's Hall" as a thinking tool in the history class
  • Why are claim testers central to the OERProject?
  • How should history content/skills be assessed?
  • How can history teachers be more innovative?
  • Why should we be more mindful of employing thinking tools in the history classroom?
  • Bob's favourite history books
  • Bob's motivational words for history teachers

Books mentioned: "The Idea of History" by RG Collingwood and "Historians' Fallacies" by David Hackett Fischer.

Visit the OERProject at www.oeproject.com and find Prof Bob Bain on Twitter @bain_bob.

Please send your comments and suggestions to @WilliamHPalk or @C_duPlessis on Twitter.

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