High School History Recap

#3 Lilian Ngoyi with Dr Martha Evans

September 18, 2022 William H Palk, Colin du Plessis and Dr Martha Evans Season 5 Episode 3
High School History Recap
#3 Lilian Ngoyi with Dr Martha Evans
Show Notes

Many streets and clinics bear Lilian Ngoyi's name, but who was she and what was the nature of her accomplishments as an anti-apartheid activist? Dr Martha Evans is working on a substantive biography of Ma'Ngoyi and joins us to share some interesting insights about Lilian's remarkable life. 

Here are some of the questions we try to answer:

  • Why is Lilian called "the mother of black resistance against apartheid"?
  • What was apartheid South Africa like?
  • What is narrative literary journalism?
  • Why are there so few historical sources on Lilian's life?
  • What are the details of Lilian Ngoyi's life?
  • Why didn't Lilian pursue her dream of becoming a nurse?
  • How did living in the Shelters raise Lilian's political awareness?
  • Was Lilian a founding member of FEDSAW?
  • How did the Defiance Campaign contribute to Lilian's rise in the ranks of the ANC?
  • Was there a conflict of interest between the ANC and being a member of FEDSAW?
  • How did Lilian's travels to China and the Soviet Union change her perspectives?
  • What put Lilian on the radar of the apartheid government?
  • What was the Women's March of 9 August 1956 about?
  • Why does Lilian's political career seem shortlived?
  • What was it like to be banned and placed under house arrest?
  • Why didn't she receive more support while she was alive?
  • What should Lilian Ngoyi be remembered for?
  • What would have been Lilian's message to women today?
  • What was Lilian and Mandela's relationship like?
  • What is Martha's favourite thing about Lilian Ngoyi?

You can contact Dr Martha Evans at email martha.evans@uct.ac.za or Twitter handle @MarthaEvans16.

Please send your questions and suggestions to @WilliamHPalk or @C_duPlessis

Thanks for listening.

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