High School History Recap

#15 South Africa's Education Mismatch with Dr Precious Mncayi

May 23, 2021 William H Palk and Dr Precious Mncayi Season 3 Episode 15
High School History Recap
#15 South Africa's Education Mismatch with Dr Precious Mncayi
Show Notes

In this episode William is in conversation with Dr Precious Mncayi about research she has done into South Africa's unemployment crisis.  We have an unemployment rate of at least 29% and it is therefore vital to look at the mismatches between education and the demands of the labour market.

Read her article here.

Questions asked in this podcast:
Is SA facing an unemployment crisis?
Is the focus on STEM warranted?
How does SA’s unemployment figure compare to other countries?
What is the link between STEM fields and economic growth?
What are the demands of the labour market?
What are the historical explanations for SA’s high unemployment figure?
What is meant with education mismatch?
Why is there a mismatch between what students set out to study and what they end up doing?
SA has the largest share of mismatch workers...
What does it mean to be underemployed?
Is it still worthwhile to go and study?
Are we ignorant about the demands of the labour market?
Which factors determine study and career choice?
Striking a balance between interest and demand...
Where can we get more information on the demands of SA’s labour market?
How has SA’s labour market change?
Which qualifications have high employment prospects?
Should you pursue a degree or a diploma?
What about the humanities?
Is there a shortage of teachers in SA?
What is the average age of teachers in SA?
How can high school learners make better subject choices?
What should be the main aim of education in schools today?
What is government’s role in solving SA’s education mismatch?
What is the single most important change we can make to prevent education mismatch?Should psychometric testing determine university admission?
Are matric distinctions a guarantee for university success?


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