High School History Recap

#1 Apartheid 101 with William Palk

October 24, 2021 William H Palk and Kelly Chase Season 4 Episode 1
High School History Recap
#1 Apartheid 101 with William Palk
Show Notes

A great collaboration with Kelly Chase of the History Detective! The perfect way to start Season 4. 

In this episode we aim give an overview of the policy and practice of apartheid in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. Here are some of the questions we cover.

  • What does the Afrikaans word "apartheid" translate to?
  • How did South Africa get to the point where the minority white government were able to discriminate against the majority black population?
  • What were some of the apartheid laws?
  • Who were the ANC and what was their role in protesting apartheid?
  • Who was Nelson Mandela and what role did he play in the anti-apartheid movement?
  • Which kinds of boycotts and protests occurred globally in response to apartheid?
  • How did apartheid come to an end?
  • Who are lesser known persons from history who made a contribution against apartheid?

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