High School History Recap

#4 The History of Learning and the Learning of History with Prof Donald Clark

November 25, 2021 William H Palk and Prof Donald Clark Season 4 Episode 4
High School History Recap
#4 The History of Learning and the Learning of History with Prof Donald Clark
Show Notes

William talks to the learning expert, Donald Clark, about the history of learning theory and about the best way to teach and learn history.

Questions covered:

  • Where does Donald’s interest in history come from?
  • How has the way in which we learn changed over time?
  • Why is the invention of writing the “Big Bang” moment of collective learning?
  • Why is the invention of binary or computer language such an important moment in the development of learning?
  • Is collective learning our unique trait?
  • How did technology enable collective learning?
  • Who are the experts in the field of learning?
  • Does AI or machine learning give us any insight into human learning?
  • Would it be possible to have Wikipedia in our heads?
  • Who are the people who have changed our perceptions of learning?
  • What are the major strands in learning theory?
  • Have we arrived at a more scientific approach to understanding learning?
  • What is the connection between learning and teaching?
  • To what extent can the teacher be held responsible for the student's learning?
  • Does critical thinking hold up as an abstract concept?
  • How should we teach history if learning theories are incorporated?
  • Why is it important to make history teaching more concrete?
  • How should history teachers think about online learning design?
  • Why should we let go of Bloom’s taxonomy?
  • Donald’s advice to learn more effectively...

You might want to read up on the following people: James Hutton, David C Geary, Daniel Kahneman, James Mark Baldwin, Tommy Flowers, Robin Dunbar, Douglas Engelbart, Clay Shirky, Donald Hebb, Herman Ebbinghaus, Edward Tolman, Albert Bandura, Henry Roediger, Jeffrey D Karpicke, Robert A Bjork, Barak Rosenshine, Robert Marzano, John Hattie, Paul Black and Dylan William.

Or just visit Donald's blog here. He is also on twitter @DonaldClark

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